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> Metin2 yang and Partisan Guidelines
posté Jun 18 2013, 10:10
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Wield these: str/con 2/1, you could would prefer to have ac as you just have a tiny at the starting, when you would be grateful of your full ap make. Every single 12 points on str your may possibly increase of three points. Str couldn't help greater than con in defense, even so, if you get 6 helm, buy metin2 yang, armor and shield it would be adequate for you personally, and you would encounter concerns just in harm. Once get 90 con and 90 str, take whole your points in dex. You need to look for issues with str bonus like ebony earrings, it's a really important stat for partisan.

Skills: as soon as select the partisan class, take a point on every talent but fury, then master may possibly to 17 points, take a point to fury just for pulling. You will be permitted to reset expertise with buy cheap metin2 yang at old lady before you reach level 30, you need to make an effort to master could at 17 points, when you finally attain level 30, you might want to reset the skill from item mall.

May: this grants you about 330 ac at decent master, so you are able to tank mobs. As soon as you die you should wait the cooldown time then you definitely can do might once more, otherwise you might fail it. If the foes pierces you then it would function not good, so whenever you get high levels you'll want to endeavor to metin2 yang and obtain hp regeneration in an effort to help you to tank mobs.

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