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Forum _ Jeux / Lan _ The helpful solutions to make metin2 yang

Écrit par : asdfeer1 Jun 14 2013, 09:02

You could pick several techniques for making, including Farming upgrading stuffs like Rusty Blades, Piece of broken Armour, Piece of Gem and so on. Farming Antler Bows and Total moon, Farming Metin Stones, and Farming Horse Medals and more, it is actually also an incredible technique to decide on Merchanting.

In order to farm upgrading stuffs you'll want to possess a reduced degree account at degree 21- degree 30 of any class. Move to Aswan/ Corinth/ Maadi and search for Tornado Jak-To/ Wind and destroy them then they will drop Piece of Gem. There are plenty of groups, therefore, try to collect and kill Black Wind To-Su and Black Wind Gu-Ryung to drop Piece of Broken Armour and Rusty Blade. But killing the monsters Armours and Weapons drops also and also a variety of them with decnt stats. You might be permitted to promote Piece of gem for 300k per, Rusty Blade goes 120k a pair, and Piece Of Broken Armour for 200k per.

This is a bit tougher to farm Horse Medals than farming upgrading stuffs. You'll want to superior possess a warrior at degree 21 ?Clevel 25. Plus the warrior want be an Arahan with great gears or a partisan with M1 Might. When reach level 21 then you really should and move to SuijinDen in Aswan/ Corinth/ Maadi and seek to kill the monkeys there. They are really ready to prevent your progress and so they can undergo walls so that you should be careful. The required mini gear: Battle Shield 6, Tiger Plate 6, Broad sword 6 , Tradition helm 6, and various great gears.

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