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Forum _ Jeux / Lan _ Metin2 yang and strategies to balance the three Kingdoms

Écrit par : asdfeer1 Jun 17 2013, 08:37

As I play metin2, once the transfer will be over, the group would impact on a number of ways to balance the 3 kingdoms from the game. Currently we're devoted on 25th March though the Pandemonia kingdom situation wouldn't change improved. Every single ten accounts: 2 Reds,, 3 Yellows, 5 Blues.

At this point, Asmodia will be one of the most strong kingdom, nevertheless, Elgoria has quite a few transferred gamers that havenít get full potential but as bio quests, but Pandemodia is doomed considering that being generally the last on battleground some gamers already left for leveling. As admits we don't have the power to force the gamers to visit a further country although we realize that the predicament wonít alter if we do practically nothing. You'll be able to use for leveling. Beneath will be the approaches encouraged by the gamers: Remove the Scroll of Betrayal, Get rid of the encounter bonus from NW. nonetheless, each of the approaches are as well extreme.

There should be a nice prize that asks the gamers to work like a group and also a gamer would prefer quit then often staying within a nation that he dislikes. So beneath are our strategies: Reward Blues or Yellows who wishes to visit Pandemonia with exp event/ mall items and Increase the Scroll of Betrayal price. You may also wield the thread to discuss with no flames, or perhaps suggest alternative strategies.

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