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Version complète : Internet Explorer facon Packerd Bell
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Voila, sur un PC Packerd Bel, voici l'IE que j'ai (c'est pareil pour Outlook Express) :

Comment faire pour retrouver un IE et Outlook Express convenable (sans cette horrible couleur violette )?
lol sympathique la couleur packard bell, ça a un côté kitsch assez sympa biggrin.gif
Bon redevenons sérieux c'est très moche (et pas très lisible).
Ca ressemble à un skin.
Ca pourra peut être t'aider à régler ton problème, si packard bell n'a pas protéger son skin...
ok merci je vais regarder ça ...
nan, marche pas ...
Je sais qu'il y a un moyen de régler ton problème avec resource hacker mais je me souviens plus de la manip faudrait chercher sur le net.
je viens de chercher mais je ne trouve rien du tout ...
Living Water

This happened a long, long time ago, when the cedar, the fir, and the pine still had needles that

yellowed and dropped in the fall instead of staying green all winter.

Once in those olden times a Tofalar went out into the woods to hunt. He walked and walked, and he

came farther than any hunter had ever dared to go. He saw a bog so vast that no beast could have

crossed it, no bird could have flown across.

And the Tofalar said to himself: wow power leveling,

"If our animals can't run across this bog, and our birds cannot fly across it, what kinds of

animals and birds live on the other side?"

The more he thought about it, the more curious he became. This site is on the Crushers?sbm?

"I must find out," he said to himself. "Whatever happens, I must get there.

And so he took a good running start, and leaped right clear across the bog. He looked around: the

same earth, the same grass, the same trees.
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"Silly!" he said. "There was no need to jump."

Suddenly his mouth dropped open with wonder.

In a little clearing stood seven harnessed rabbits. They stood quietly, waiting. Then seven

people came out of seven burrows in the earth, exactly like all people, only tiny. When the

rabbits flattened their ears, the people were taller than the rabbits. When the rabbits' ears

stood up, the people were smaller than the rabbits. Went to eat, while repeat.

"Who are you?" asked the Tofalar. "We are immortal people," said the tiny men. "We wash ourselves

in living water, and we never die. And who are you?"

"I am a hunter." wedding dress


The little men clapped their hands with joy.

"Oh, good! Oh, good!" they cried in chorus.

And one of them, the eldest, with white hair and a long white beard, came forward and said:

"A terrible, huge beast has come into our land. We don't know where it came from. The other day

it caught one of our people and killed him. We are immortal, we never die ourselves, but this

beast killed one of us. You are a hunter---can you help us in this trouble? Can you hunt down the

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"Why not?" answered the Tofalar, but to himself he wondered: "Will I be able to kill such a

frightful beast?"

However, he went out to track the beast. He looked and he looked, but could find nothing except

rabbits' footprints. Suddenly, among the rabbit prints he noticed the track of a sable.

"Oh, that's too fine a quarry to miss," he said. "First I will get the sable, and then I'll go on

looking for the terrible, huge beast." replica watches,

He found the sable and killed it. Then he skinned it and went on with his search. He walked the

length and breadth of the little people's land, but could not find any trace of the beast.

So he came back to the little people and said to them: "I could not find your terrible, huge

beast. All I have found was this sable." And he showed them the little sable skin. This is the


"That's it, that's it!" they cried. "Oo-h, what a huge skin, what thick paws, what terrible,

sharp claws!" And the eldest of the little men said to the Tofalar:

"You have saved us and our people! And we shall pay for your kindness with kindness. Wait for us.

We'll come to visit you and bring you living water. You'll wash in it and will become immortal


The Tofalar jumped back across the bog and went back to his valley and told his people about the

little men.

And the Tofalars began to wait for their guests, the immortal little men.
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They waited one day, two days, three days, many, many days. But the guests did not come, and the

Tofalars forgot about them and their promise. This site is on the Crushers?sbm?

Winter came. Everything around was frozen. And the bog was covered with a coat of ice.

One day the village women went to the woods to gather firewood. Suddenly they saw a little herd

of rabbits galloping their way. They looked again, and saw that every rabbit was saddled, and in

every saddle sat a tiny man with a little pitcher in his hands. The women burst out laughing at

the sight.

"Look, look!" they cried to one another. "They are riding on rabbits!"

"And look at the little men, how funny!"

"Oh, what a joke!"

"Oh, I'll die laughing!" replica watches,

Now, the immortal people were a proud race. They took offense at this reception. The one in

front, with white hair and a long beard, shouted something to the others, and all of them spilled

out the contents of their pitchers onto the ground. Then the rabbits turned and hopped away so

fast that you could only see their white tails flicker. This site is on the Crushers?sbm?

And so the Tofalars never got the living water. It went instead to the pine, the cedar, and the

fir. And this is why they are fresh and green all through the year. Their needles never die.

Living Water
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